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Weekly DFS Article

Week 16 DFS Main Slate Article

Written By: Steve Perez AKA Stevie P

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Main Slate Options Only: 11 Games 12/22/19 

Value plays of the week DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports):

High Priced Quarterbacks

Russell Wilson - DK - $7000, FD - $8300

   The Cardinals @Seattle sign me up please. I love me some Russell Wilson this week. The Cardinals can't stop a nose bleed. Do it!

Lamar Jackson - DK - $8000, FD - $9300

   He is an every-week play no matter matchup.


Matt Ryan - DK - $6200, FD - $7700

   @home To the Jaguars is a matchup dream as of late. I will take the salary and love the other options he affords me this week. "All aboard the Matty Ice Train. Whoop Whoop."

Low Priced Quarterbacks 

Gardner Minshew - DK - $5500, FD - $6800

   Minshew is the kind of play that makes you second guess yourself, but I won't the falcons can be beaten through the air and me likey some Minshew this week.

Philip Rivers - DK - $5700, FD - $7500

   I know, he sucks... but he plays the Raiders at home, and they suck worse, so give me some Rivers this week. 

Will Grier- DK - $4300, FD - $6000

   The Cheapest starter on the slate and guess what he will be in some of my lineups due to his incredibly low price and the fact that the Colt made Drew Brees and the Saints look like the greatest team in NFL history. Hard to come back from an ass whipping that thorough. So for his price, why not take a shot. 


High Priced Running Backs

Christian McCaffery- DK - $10100, FD - $10800

   There is always room for MCM in your lineups you just have to work a little harder to fit him in, but he is worth every penny, 

Leonard Fournette - DK - $7200, FD - $7500

   Fournette has been pretty bad for the past four games, but he does get a bad Falcons defense, and it sounds like they are going to run him hard in this game. So, I'll throw him in my lineups this week. 

Chris Carson - DK - $8500, FD - $8200

   Chris Carson won a lot of people's money last week, and if you want to win money this week, I would highly recommend playing him again this week. He loves to feed on Cardinal.

Ezekiel Elliott - DK - $7900, FD - $8700

  Zek is an Eagle killer. When I think about zek going up against the Eagles, it brings back memories of my childhood playing "Altered Beast." You younger guys/girls wouldn't understand, but "Power Up" rings through my head as he destroys the Eagles. Zek will Power up once again. 

Joe Mixon - DK - $6600, FD - $7800 

   He's chalky but an almost must play at his salary. In cash only though he will murder half the field if he has a bad game.

Low Priced Running Backs:

Devonta Freeman - DK - $6000, FD - $6200

   The Jaguars are a dumpster fire. Freeman is home, and I like his price. That's it. That's all I got... Ok, you want more. So here it is The Jags are giving up a league-high 36 PPR points to opposing Rb's over the past four weeks. I hope that satisfies you because that's really all I got.

DeAndre Washington - DK - $4000, FD - $5600

   Jacobs is out. So, fire up your engines and "Let's Get Ready To Rumble."  Washington is a free square.

Marlon Mack - DK - $5200, FD - $7300

   Have you watched the Panthers over the past six weeks? They can't stop me running behind some blockers. So, let the Mack attack begin. 

Nyheim Hines  - DK - $4400, FD - $5700 

   I'm feeding on the Panthers misery this week. I like Hines to get some work in this game due to the ass whipping the Colts will lay down on this bad Panthers team. 

High Priced Wide Receivers

Julio Jones - DK - $8000, FD - $8000

 Did you see what Julio looked like last week? I'll take some more of that once again this week. Love Julio this week against a Jags team that is ready for the off-season.  

Mike Thomas - DK - $9300, FD - $9000

   Play him or Christian McCaffery every week. 

Tyler Lockett - DK - $7600, FD - $7600

   Lockett is going to Smishsmash the Cardinals this week. They have no one to cover him in the slot, and the Seahawks know that.  

D.J. Moore - DK - $6900, FD - $6600 

   I love his price he has been a top-five Wr over the last seven games. Sign me up for his price. The Colts have allowed over 40 points per game over the last four games to Wr. Will Grier has watched from the sideline how dominant Moore has been this year. If he is smart, he will target Moore early and often. 

Low Priced Wide Receivers

Tyler Boyd - DK - $5800, FD - $6300

   Boyd is the number one option in the passing game for the Bengals against the team that gives up the most points to Wr. over the past four weeks. Yes, please sign me up for Boyd this week.

Terry McLaurin - DK - $6200, FD - $6500

   I love me some Terry McLaurin and this week he gets the Giants... Hell, yes, play terry this week. 

Danny Amendola - DK - $4900, FD - $6000

   David Blough is terrible, and he will look once again to throw it to  Amendola a lot. It's that simple.  

John Ross - DK - $4200, FD - $5200

   Like I said about Boyd. John Ross should be able to eat as well in this one.

High Priced Tight Ends

Mark Andrews - DK - $5900, FD - $6500

   Andrew is Jackson's most reliable target, and that doesn't change in this game. Play Marky Mark.

Zach Ertz - DK - $6400, FD - $6900

   When was the last time he had a bad game... yup I don't remember either. Play Zach Ertz this week. I will be. 

Low Priced Tight Ends

Jacob Hollister - DK - $4200, FD - $5700

   He plays the Cardinals. Enough Said. 

Noah Fant- DK - $3700, FD - $5900

   The Lions defense has packed it in and is ready for the off-season. I like Fant to feast this weekend. 

High Priced Defenses

Steelers- DK - $4000, FD - $5000

   The Jets suck. The Steeler's defense is good. 

Broncos - DK - $3800, FD - $4500

My favorite defense on the week going against a Lions team that has trouble moving the ball at all.  

Low Priced Defenses

Saints - DK - $3000, FD - $4200

   The Saints defense has been great this year, and I have a feeling they could put up a big game here.

Redskins - DK - $2600, FD - $4600

   Daniel Jones is a turnover with legs. 

The MVP Of The NFL Lamar Jackson.

The MVP Of The NFL Lamar Jackson.