Streaming Defenses

Week 16 Defenses To Stream

Below is an example of the breakdowns from week to week you will see: 

Defense Wins Championships!!!

Written By: Kevin Lovett       


   One of the positions of least concern in fantasy football is the defense. Many wait until the last round of drafts to select a defense, most of which will be discarded throughout the season for better matchups. The idea of streaming defenses is one that most live by to get through the fantasy season, and in a lot of cases, it pays off. You can find teams playing bad offenses, like Miami this year for instance, with the hope that an average defense puts up good fantasy numbers against them. Therefore we will take a look at the five best streaming options for this week of the season. 


Denver is the stream of the week at home against David Blough and company. They still get pressure on the QB and play well against the pass and the Lions, even if Kerryon comes back, isn’t a good enough running to take advantage of Denver’s weakness  against the run. If you need a defense to stream, here’s your answer. 


The Jaguars just haven’t looked good since alternating QBs between Foles and Minshew. The team chemistry isn’t there. Meanwhile, the Falcons have amped it up on D for the last few weeks, with no better showing than games against the Saints and Niners. 

COLTS vs Car

Ignore this past week’s performance in New Orleans as Drew Brees does that to most teams in that dome. This week, they get a rookie QB Will Grier making his first start which could equal turnovers off bad decisions. This defense will surely perform better this week. 

JETS vs Pitt

The Steelers offense just isn’t good. At least not with these backup QBs at the helm. The Jets do well against the run which could put more of the outcome on Duck Hodges arm. That’s a place I want it to be if I’m the Jets. 


I still think the Chargers defense is good despite the butt whooping they took last week. The Raiders are a much better matchup and the LA defense should bounce back to deliver a good fantasy performance